Writing Samples


  • "Journey to the Western Sea" (11 min, 6-11) — After a mysterious illness pollutes Pond Village and endangers his adopted family, a shy moss ball named Mossimo and his brash axolotl warrior friend, Atzi, must brave an a thousand-mile journey up the Golden River to discover a cure — before it's too late.

  • "Saltpeter Blues" (22 min, adult) — Sci-fi western. In a world where a substance known as "salt" gives gunslingers special abilities, a rogue gunslinger with partial amnesia and her magician companion must escort a mystical creature across a treacherous desert wasteland in order to find the greatest treasure known to man.

  • "Once Upon A Skyline" (22 min, adult) — After returning from anger management rehab in the country, the Big Bad Wolf returns to her old city stomping grounds to inherit a run-down bar, but when she finds out her co-inheritor is her ex-flame Red Riding Hood, she must juggle her past failures, recovery, and her new life on the straight and narrow, all while evading her old gang's attempts to drag her back into illegal business. 

  • "Pip's Podcast" (11 min, preschool) — A young Swedish seedling and their best friend create videos about mysteries in their nursery neighborhood for their video pod-cast channel. (Vibe: IKEA’s outdoor section meets Studio Ghibli sweetness.)

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Bob's Burgers (2020)

  • "Honey, You Blue My Mind" — After strange blue bees make their hive in the restaurant's air conditioner, Bob uses the honey to create a tantalizing blue honey burger that customers can't get enough of... literally. Meanwhile, Linda falls for a pyramid scheme and Louise starts an underground candy-selling ring at school. 

The Loud House (2020)

  • "Ready Player Mom" — In order to win a special issue comic book, Lincoln must win first place in a video game team contest with an odd rule: each team must have a boy and a girl. Lincoln auditions his sisters for his team.

  • "Make No Messtakes"— When Lincoln doesn't win the "Most Helpful" award during Superlative Day, he goes on a mad spree to prove how helpful he is... by artificially causing problems he can "assist" with.