Personal Projects

Current Projects:

​Elliott currently has many irons in the proverbial fire, including (but by no means limited to):

  • a dramatic, magical realism doused screenplay about a black family's mourning process in the wake of a beloved son's death;

  • an animated science fiction television series about a pair of twin mechanics who accidentally awaken a strange and alien ancient artifact and the strange, ancient, alien emperor that will stop at nothing to reclaim it;

  • a feature film wherein three women from radically different marginalized backgrounds trek across 1850's gold-crazy California in pursuit of an illusive common enemy;

  • a fictional monster podcast about an amnesiac siren looking for memories of who they are -- and a little monster lovin' on the side;

  • and, you guessed it, another podcast wherein I critique the worldbuilding in popular television shows, because what's life without a little positive critique? Also it makes me feel smart.


  • "roundhouse theory." written and performed by elliott maya. creative development by elliott maya and fintan mason. cinematography by fintan mason.

  • this list is still being updated!