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2018. B.A., English and Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)


2016-2018. Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, Grinnell College

2014-2018. Questbridge Full-Tuition Scholarship

2015.  Marie Nesbitt Promise Prize

2017.  James Norman Hall Prize

2016.  The New Engagement James Baldwin Literary Prize

2016.  Academy of American Poets College Prize

2016.  Lorabel Richardson Poetry Prize

2017.  Seldon Whitcomb Poetry Prize

2016.  Louise R. Noun Grant


2018. Research Assistant to Dr. Shanna Greene Benjamin, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)

2016-2018. Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Researcher, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)

2017. Research Assistant to Dr. Jeanne Vaccaro, New York University (New York City, NY)

2017. Research Assistant to Dr. Abram J. Lewis, Northwestern University (New York City, NY)

2016-2017. Oral Historian to the New York City Trans Oral History Project (New York City, NY)

2014-2017. Research Assistant to Dr. Shanna Greene Benjamin, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)


2018-2019. Post-baccalaureate Mentor to the Partners in Education Program, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)

2018. Assistant Editor and Social Media Manager, Rootstalk Magazine, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)

2017-2018. Writing Mentor, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)

2016-2018. Editor in Chief and Brand Manager, Grinnell Underground Magazine, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)


2018. Scenic Artist for Spring Awakening, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)

2016-2017. Creative Director for the videos "LOVE by GUM," "DATING by GUM," and the "bubble of humans" series, Grinnell Underground Magazine, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA). Excerpts available here.

2016. Creative Director for the Spring 2016 Photoshoot ("radical softness and vulnerability"), Grinnell Underground Magazine, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)

2015-2018. Web Designer and Social Media Manager, MERQUEERIAL, Squarespace (New York City, NY)

2015. Creative Director for the Fall 2015 Photoshoot ("trashy"), Grinnell Underground Magazine, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA). Selected outtakes available here.


2018. “Surviving Rawness: Blackness, Transness, and Vulnerability,” Senior Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Presentations, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)

2017. "What We Won’t Say About the Dark: Blackness, Gender, Sexuality, and Sexual Assault Awareness," Panelist for Black Awareness Week, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)

2017. "Looking to Our Own Tongues: Towards a Language of Trans Self-Embodiment and Vulnerability Amidst Cultures of Hypervisibility. Poster session presented for the annual Wilson Center for Leadership’s Student Research and Internship Exhibition at Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA.

2017. Re-claiming Our Tongues: Merits of Oral History. Presented for the New York City Trans Oral History Project oral historian community workshop at the New York Public Library’s Manhattan branch (New York City, NY)

2017. "Oral History Community Leaders Workshop," co-presented with Ric Tennenbaum for the New York City Trans Oral History Project, New York Public Library: Seward Branch (New York City, NY)

2017. "In Support of Ourselves: Trans Grassroots Mental Health Symposium," co-presented with Ric Tennenbaum, Workshop Symposium, Midwest Bi Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference (Chicago, IL)

2017. "On Resisting Institutional Memory, Erasure, and Marginalization," March 1st Day of Action, Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)


2016. Elliott, Maya. Backporch Gospel, or, My Brain is a Bedroom. PRESS Publishing.



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